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Children, nutrition and mental health

August 5th, 2015

Nutrition plays a large role in all of our lives. How does it affect our children’s mental health? Dr Julia Rucklidge provides an easy to understand link between nutrition and mental health in this TEDx talk. She discusses interesting points on the role of nutrition in school and post traumatic events (i.e Christchurch earthquake). Image…

Are your fish oils causing you damage?

August 5th, 2015

A common question most qualified practitioners will hear is, ‘Why can’t I take this fish oil.. it’s cheaper?’. My answer is usually one that includes an explanation of filtration and rancidity of essential fatty acids. With years spent studying nutritional biochemistry, choosing the best quality nutrients are at the technical core of what we do. Earlier…

3 days without colourful food reduces antioxidant defences in healthy people.

January 28th, 2015

A study  has shown that  phenolics in healthy individuals were depleted after 3 days when omitted from the diet. After returning to a diet including phenolics, healthy individuals showed an increase in antioxidant levels. Phenolics are found in berries, tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables, eggplant, dark grapes. Eat berries with yoghurt to increase the berries phenolic intake. Reference: Kim HY,…

Nerd bite-Research: Apples keep doctor away!

January 28th, 2015

An apple a day may very well ‘keep the doctor away’. UK researchers reviewed cardiovascular disease progression and morbidity in a healthy population. They found that those estimated to eat at least 1 apple a day may have similar benefits to taking statins. Reference Briggs a, Mizdrak A, Scarborough P. A statin a day keeps…