This week is Mental Health Week.

An imbalance of nutrients within the nervous system, areas of the brain and gastrointestinal system can lead to a diagnosis termed mental health. Labels such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, autism and personality disorder are becoming more prevalent in a world that is hectic and where environmental and nutritional toxins are in abundance.

During this week ask questions and seek answers and challenge your own perceptions on mental health.

Mental Wellness requires the body to be in balance by receiving sunshine, rest, exercise and nutrition.

Imbalances in neurochemistry in some cases can be as simple as a protein deficiency. Proteins are required for your brain chemicals to talk to each other correctly. We need vitamins and minerals to help these connections along. Just as you may need vitamin D, calcium and boron to fix a broken bone, these individuals require a different set of nutrients to rebalance their system.

Sometimes an integrated approach is required to bridge these gaps and keep people from harm, however there is a lot of research supporting the nutritional medicine approach. This is also called orthomolecular science. Simply meaning , the ‘right’ nutrient or molecule.

It is important to increase the awareness of the symptoms and signs of mental illness.Unfortunately, stigmas still surround this area and there are little resources available compared to other illness.

These individuals are often left without family, friends and in isolation. In voice for those who have difficulty expressing it, support mental wellness and change our minds.

If you come across someone who appears lost, confused or behaving in a peculiar way be sure to show compassion and understanding. Call local authorities if it may appear they need help. If there is any threat of harm to you or the person themselves, please call the local police, so the person can get the help they need.

This area of health requires understanding and compassion from individuals, workplaces and communities. Give these individuals every opportunity to be ‘well’. Support Mental Wellness and challenge your perceptions today.

Check out what is happening in your state and start reading and sharing thoughts on this topic.

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