‘Eat quality foods and enjoy the pleasure of your food!’ This wonderful explaination by Mc Millian on the TV show excess baggage was explained quite simply, how easy it can be to have a healthy relationship with food.

Keeping foods simple, organic and as close to nature intended will give you the vibrancy, energy and zest for life which synthetic and processed foods lack.

Timing, environment and emotions can all be a part of how, why and when we eat. Recognising your own reasons for eating and being mindful can help you identify where your thoughts or emotions may be playing a greater role than you realised.

Mindful eating is about eating at the dinner table, relaxation, laughter with friends or family, chewing and eating slowly and enjoying the pleasure of food. Even presentation of a meal for a single person can bring joy and pleasure to a meal which may have been lost sitting on the couch with takeaway foods.

The latest statistics on Australia and our overweight and obesity epidemic shows some of the following truths:

  • 2012 more than 17mill Australians categorised as overweight or obese.
  • 2020 Based on current trends
    • 80% of Australian adults and a third of Australian children will be overweight or obese (In 2007/2008, 61.4% of adult Australians and nearly a quarter of children aged 5-17 were either overweight or obese)
    • young adults reaching the age of 20 will have a shorter life expectancy than previous generations
    • Kids- there are direct links with childhood obesity and sleep apnoea, hypertension, asthma and type 2 diabetes in children.
We know nutrition is the greatest environmental impact we have on our body, our children and our family.

Eat well, love yourself and each other and seek the pleasure of real food.

References available on request.

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