Have you ever had a half opened packet of biscuits in the cupboard and said to your self, I will not touch them? Then in a moment of vulnerability and negotiation with yourself, you find your self with crumbs around the mouth? It was only vitawheat rice crackers, however I realised I didn’t have full control on that moment.My downfall was when I bought some delicious organic butter and needed something to put that butter on!

Being tired and run down or working with people or looking after family all day can leave you needing a quick hit. I am proud to say that despite the rice cracker incident I have become a carnivore this week and that ‘need’ is not warranted any more. Do not allow your friends to tempt you with any amazing cake either ( even if it only has a little rapadura in it)- Naomi!

One day included our mince, bean nacho and vegetable mix and spinach for breakfast and dinner and slow cooked beef for lunch. That is definitely hitting the protein mark, yet a few more vegetables and I am more in the zone.

End of week one and today I have started the day of a protein breakfast which only took me 3-5 minutes to prepare (there was no time to waste after circuit training and a 2km swim had left me ravenous!)

2 egg omlette with spinach and goats chevre, side salad with cos lettuce, avocado,cucumber and apple cidar vinegar as dressing.

My focus for this second week is to keep up the no grains and cut out the agave. I have justified this one as agave contains inulin which feeds a good probiotic bifidobacterium in the large bowel, however I think I am fooling myself.

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