Food labels create confusion for any person aiming to make the ‘right’ decision in their health. In simple terms, if you cannot understand the label, avoid it.

What concerns me the most is that the general public think the manufacturers have some responsibility for our health. The main objective is the sale of the product and the shelf life in general. Manufacturers do not care about your health!

Example of a food label

In simple terms, if you cannot understand the label, avoid it.

Although we have safety levels for human consumption on additives, synthetic chemicals, flavours etc, the accumulative effect on your health of more than one processed and packaged food is not taken into consideration.

If you knew you were consuming remnants or chemicals that are found in soap, detergents,bleaches, paints etc would you eat it?

It is human nature that we are not perfect. Food and food chemicals are also not perfect when created in a chemistry lab. In fact , these synthetic foods are only quite new to humans stemming from the industrial age. I am certain we are going to see more long term effects over the coming years in our younger generations.

Below are some resources on how to read, interpret and recognise some common food labels. Have a good look at the different words for sugars in particular and purchase the chemical maze to show you the various effects different synthetic chemicals have on the body.

If you are what you eat, then who wants to be a synthetic, toxic chemical housing of flesh?

Check out Food Standards Australia: 

Great book on chemicals and food and effect on body: 

Labels easily explained: 

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