Week 2 and seriously I could have smashed down a whole block of lindt at some stage this week.

If you are trying to make changes and have done before, you think the next time around it is easier. In some ways yes, and in other ways no. I am around food, nutrition and nutrition programs all day, the motivation to apply it to my own life can sometimes whimper like a little kid not wanting to do their chores.

If you have ever worked in hospitality as I have, you will know there are particular groups of customers that pass you by. This week I entered the group of the ‘soy de caf latte’ group. This group usually followed a similar pattern of being a pain in the ass with everything from their coffee order, to gluten free this and low fat that and sugared with a patronising request for their needs. Obviously, with my knowledge I seek cafes and restaurant that already cater to this type of food understanding, but majority have not yet embraced it. So for the moment, I am not the normal I am quite simply a  pain in the ass.

Reflection creates an awareness of where you have been and where you  are right now. We forgot to pull out meat for dinner one night, so I threw on gluten free pasta and a tomato based sauce. This is a rarity in our house, however it took me back to my early 20’s when I thought rice crackers, tuna, pasta sauce, apples, rice noodles, yoghurt and fruit were staple for every young women. Now all I want is protein, I thrive on protein and crave protein if I cannot have it.

If you are feeling like you are the ‘carby’ type, let me tell you this is temporary. Once you provide enough protein and fats you start thinking you could probably become just like ‘bear grills’ eat anything and do anything.

Like you I am starting to dig my heals in. Adjustment phase has begun, now it is time to get the cog wheels moving and get on with it. Still aiming for grain free and undecided about the agave I have been using.

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