What does it mean to you to simplify?

What does it mean to you to start detoxifying your life?

Is it to simplify a toxic relationship, diet choice or simplify a spiritual belief or practice that is taking you away from the connection you desire?

What ever it means to you, it can only bring about truth and the raw vision of where you are headed and what you truly want out of life.

My best mate mentioned that the theme running through her week  ( and mine) was to simplify. Perhaps this is because we are in our early 30’s, most of our friends have families and are working too bloody hard.  Simplifying saw mothers cutting back on work, friends spending more time together or time for a bit of gardening.

For me the synchronism of my week was to simplify. After being flooded out of work for 2 days, shown the raw facts on my health and the continual desire to share this with you tweaks my philosophical self that the universe was telling me to slow down.

In the detail of the nutrition world, it is hard to keep up with every nutrient and it’s new research. How confusing it must be for you? That is if you are without a biochemical or science background.

Cutting the crapcaffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, processed food) and keeping it simple is best.

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