We are all human first, that is the first thing. Like you, I have my downfalls, self sabotaging behaviours and I love a good piece of dark chocolate.

I am seeing my own naturopath as Sir William Osler quotes ‘a physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient’. An objective opinion can see past the barriers you put up to yourself.

This is not to say that we can’t heal our own bodies. Being smarter  about it all, letting go of the ego and hiring a coach can give you clear direction and keep you motivated.

My naturopath could see I was great at treating the symptoms, so outward appearences are healthy, yet underlying were some bigger issues. To get back on track with my health and treat the underlying cause we did an array of tests. From testing my urine, electrical body currents, body composition, zinc levels, live blood analysis, pathology reports 97/107 measures were out of balance!

Humbled and recognising by my own intuition that something needs to change, I have begun a path to wellness. Treating symptoms are not enough if I want long term health.

Although I eat organic (85%), exercise and sleep okay there are still toxic burdens affecting my health. Namely stress, hormones and I wonder if swimming in a pesticide ridden lagoon as kids has anything to do with this? Perhaps it was my 10 years in hospitality, partying, drinking in my early 20’s or just the fact that I am a sensitive individual to this fast paced world.

I am going to share the good , bad, ugly and what a nutritionist eats to get herself healthy!

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