Easter has just passed and for the first time I have not gorged chocolate and began a vicious cycle of vegemite on toast or cheese followed by sugary goodness. I am proud of myself – and so should you if you minimised the gorge from last year, made a concious healthy food choice during the holidays or went for a walk when you couldn’t eat any more prawns or bunnies ears!

It is time to tighten the reins a little this week if you need to. Try 3 days with greens juicing, protein shakes and broths to cleanse the system.

In my last blog there was a question on agave. I have stopped agave ( although a little in the raw chocolate over easter). I am no longer even hinting at a craving for sugar. I am now assessing how my body deals with sugar. It really is an unsuitable form of fuel source for a sedentary lifestyle. Sugars are imperative if completing  marathons and exercise of olympic proportions. Unfortunately majority of us sit in our car, go to work, sit in our chair and drive home to sit on the couch for 8 hrs of the day. Raw honey, raw agave, fruits are all healthier sources of sugar, however if you are not going to burn them up close to the time you consume them-then they are probably causing more of burden for your systems to cope and the liver will probably direct it to your hips, thighs, tummy in the form or fat!

There is plenty of hype around sugar free, grain free and the beloved paleo diet. I guess you could say I am doing all of those at varying degree. My body certainly responds best to protein and holds weight with any form of sugar-grains especially. I wonder if you are the same. Try just protein and veg for 3 days and see how you go.

Well, I hope easter renewed the spirit and the possibilities for change in all aspects of our lives for the positive are right there to grab.

Happy autumn!

PS There was just no way I could do chocolate without Easter. A small joy was just enough!

This is the chocolate I indulged in:

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