What unsettles your weekly routine for you? Changing jobs, a stressful week, sick child or working night shifts can all throw us out of routine. Seriously-if we really had a good look over our life span, there has never been routine. Well, at least not for lengthy periods of time.

Routine changes. The only constant in life is change. Hence, I believe our ability to adapt is greater than having ‘routine.’

I have recently resigned from a job and am seeking new opportunities. This is a change to routine.

We went to a wedding and had to adapt by taking our supplements with us and make the best choices we could whilst eating out all weekend. This was a  change to a vacation routine.

How easy it is to use these changes in routine as excuses to throw your health decisions out the door. Sleep, sunshine, exercise, food choices may all be affected. If we kept these health factors as routine as possible in as many areas of our lives, maybe this  is enough to  anchor the boat and stabilise the rockiness that surrounds change.

If your going through some rockiness and change, try making sure you eat protein, exercise where you can and get some rest.

Elise : )

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