Setbacks occur for all of us. For some it is in the form of our profession, home or sporting lives. For others it is their health.

Setbacks share common ground with opportunity. I watched my younger cousin play football for one of the new afl teams on the weekend. I watched as he was carried off the field due to a knee injury. I draw much of my inspiration from my family, and this was no exception. Determination is at the forefront of his personality and what makes him an athlete. I too carry this trait, which has been a strength and also a myopic weakness.

Are you determined, 100% with everything that you do? No matter how ideal you try to be in whatever you do, it doesn’t always match up to being realistic.

When determination is glittered with optimism, opportunity is created. Keeping your eyes peeled whilst staying steady in focus only leads to strength amongst your own vulnerability.

Our lives are layered with experience, learning and growth. Each separately can be gruelling, tasteless or amazing. Layer upon layer and a glimpse over the shoulder at what has already been achieved can bring warmth and contentment.

Like food- we would ideally love to eat all our favourite foods, all the time. Sometimes, we just have to enjoy whatever is in front of us for what it is.

With setbacks, there is always a glitter of sunshine seeking you.

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