Are you a tea, toast or cereal person in the morning? Or are you a coffee runner-those that grab their coffee on the way out the door or on the way into work and keep on running.

Like you I grew up with these types of foods in mind for breakfast. Little did I realise my moodiness, female hormones and energy were all affected throughout the day when I ate these types of foods.

This mornings breakfast

Chicken, Nudge Blanc ( like brie or camembert) and spinach omelette.

  • Slow cooked chicken ( cooked overnight for lunches, couldn’t resist for breakfast)
  • 2 eggs beaten
  • half onion
  • 2-3 slices nudge blanc
  • handful spinach leaves

Slightly cook the sliced onion in pan with unsalted butter,add beaten eggs, pieces of chicken, spinach leaves and nudge blanc.

Serve with avocado or salt of the earth sea salt.

This is completely different to the ‘cardboard’ foods I used to think was healthy. I tried a spelt cereal with no additives etc the other week and I found it boring, plain and without life.

My challenge to you this week is try something you would normally eat for dinner, for breakfast. Try a lighter meal at dinner and attempt a bigger more varied breakfast and see how you feel during the day.

It took me a couple of years to really get used to the changes. I would never go back because I know how good it is for me, how nourishing and how well I feel by the afternoon.  I have started the day hitting the mark on my protein and veg requirements for repair and maintenance for my body’s survival.

Meanwhile, my taste-buds and metabolism are always delighted with the real food flavour and sustenance.

If you don’t like chicken, what about a steak or lamb chops with steamed veg and butter for breakfast?

Challenging our perceptions and things we do daily will usually result in a different outcome. So, if your health or weight is not working for you, try a change.

You never know, you may be eating chicken for breakfast before you know it.

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