Sugar is the latest and hottest topic at the moment. There are many new books, eating programs and diets focussing on sugar.

What do you think of when you think of sugar? Do you think of bread, tomato sauce, laksa paste, cereal, savoury biscuits? The controversy on sugar is really about the fact that it is hidden in all the processed and convenient foods. Most people are just unaware.

Why is it toxic?

Sugar has a low pH in the body and is acidic. An acid burns things and creates inflammation. So, consuming excess sugar could be setting your insides on fire; getting red hot and swollen and causing damage to tissues and organs when in excess. This happens in diabetes complications such as kidney disease.

Raw sugar, rapadura sugar, agave nectar, honey, raw honey, caster sugar, palm sugar, fruit. It is all PROCESSED sugars in concentrated forms.

We will never be able to cut out sugar, because the simple fact is if you eat vegetables the carbohydrates will breakdown to glucose which is a sugar.

Sugar is in fruit in the form of fructose. Eating 1/2 to 1 piece of fruit a day is enough for most people. We can survive without it, however there are some benefits to fibre and antioxidant in fresh organic fruits.

How much sugar?

Our bodies do not need much sugar. Vegetables are enough to supply our survival in our sedentary lifestyles. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Depending on your ability to monitor and burn off any excess, we are all best avoiding forms other than vegetables.

How to break the addiction?

Avoiding any processed sugars or adding sugars to foods and avoiding all the processed stuff is all you need to do.

Try 3 days and you will stop the initial craving. Go for 2 months without any sugar ( including the above) and I guarantee you won’t be craving or looking for substitutes to sugar.

Try the challenge or visit Sarah Wilson’s website for a great guide on how to do it.

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