What is your body telling you? We all know signs and symptoms are our body’s way of telling us something is not quite right.

When I was growing up, my mother would always challenge me to ‘listen to your body’. How frustrating! What does she mean?

I can ask the question, that was the easy part- but where am I looking to find the answer? Was it in my big toe? Would the answer naturally appear to me or whisper in my ear? I really didn’t understand.

This was definitely an important time during my teenage years. There was enough going on with hormones. Which female is truly aware of how these hormones are affecting you at this time? We rode the hormonal waves and let them guide us on so many decisions (good and bad!). For me I don’t think the mastery really began until the early 20’s.

Having glandular fever as a teen, I begun to understand what mum was talking about. I was forced to slow down and rest. This lesson has come back to me two more times in my twenties and early thirties and only now am I progressing down this road even further.

Listening to your body is about connecting to it in some way.

How tense are all my muscles at this very moment?

Where am I feeling pain, tiredness, stress?

The answer is usually one that is intuitive, instinctive or of survival mechanisms. I guess it is about being truly honest with yourself about your needs. This means without thoughtful distraction from work, family, kids, chores or lists. It means pure thought without the structure of everyday life that we seem to ‘push’ through sometimes.

For most, (and just like me) it is rest, relaxation and time to be creative or gain some blissful enjoyment in life. For some it is the want to be fitter, healthier and stronger-yet the hurdles are those distractions I mentioned above.

So, I challenge you and your brain to question what your body really needs. When it comes to fine tuning, the interesting thing is- you can start to learn which foods are right for you, which job and what path you really want to take in life.

Ask the question.

Listen carefully and patiently

Take action on the answer.

Talk to your body- you are with it your whole life, so you may as well start communicating now.

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