Water is the canvas of all other body chemistry. Without it- we would not exist and metabolic processes would halt.

Water is the body’s lubricant and helps remove waste from the body. We are 60- 70 % water .  Water runs through our body’s muscles and organ filters keeping them hydrated. Keeping these areas hydrated well enables the body to excrete excess toxins and help our metabolism work more efficiently to lose weight

Drinking your recommended daily intake (30mls per kg of ideal body weight e.g. 70kg adult needs 2.1L filtered water daily) minimum will help to lose weight.

Green tea

2-4 cups of quality green tea can help to encourage the body’s ability to produce heat energy when breaking down food. Enhancing this function called thermo genesis can use more kilojoules.

Hot chocolate

Raw cacao powder is full of minerals such as magnesium and chromium and other minerals which help to replenish electrolytes in the muscle after exercise, aid in digestion and support healthy blood sugar control. Raw cacao can also support healthy adrenal function during times of stress.

Raw cacao powder, whole milk a little cinnamon and raw honey to sweeten can calm a busy day.

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