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Elise Dulhunty from Elise Nutrition

About Elise

Elise Dulhunty grew up in regional Australia, along the Murray River. With a passion for food and health and a background in hospitality she decided to marry the love of food with the science of food.

Elise holds a BHSc (Nutr Med) and  has worked for some of Australia’s top health retreats. Elise Nutrition was first developed to provide access to regional Australia and persons without the ability to normally access naturopathic nutritional services.

Elise Nutrition believes in integrated healthcare using the best-evidence based medicine to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Elise is passionate about all people accessing health information and educating clients to make positive life changes. With a special interest in mental health, sports rehabilitation and immunology she has a vision to incorporate and develop innovative health spaces to educate the public on nutritional medicine and wellness.

Green aware

Elise Nutrition is environmentally aware. Our innovative and time saving consults use online questionnaires, phone, skype and email consults to minimise our environmental impact.

Our aims

  • Paperless business operations.
  • Encourage locally sourced organic, bio-dynamic and sustainable foods in our recommendations.
  • Minimise transport costs of business, clients and food miles.
  • Encouraging sustainable lifestyle practices to reduce energy waste and encourage renewable and reusable resources.
  • Encourage awareness of decreasing environmental and nutritional toxins.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing nutritional and environmental ideas to do so.

Our message to our clients

  • To be sustainable and resourceful.
  • To use green energy.
  • To promote detoxification of our lifestyles.


Our Approach is natural. We aim to work with you to achieve your health goals with whole foods, super foods, lifestyle advice and appropriate functional testing.

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Medications and supplements

It is thought that vitamins, minerals and herbs are safe and do not have any side effects. As more evidence is being gathered on the chemistry of nutritionals and herbals, it can be seen that they affect the way some prescription medications work. This is known as a nutrient-drug interaction or herb-drug interaction.

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