Our approach is natural. We aim to work with you to achieve your health goals with whole foods, super foods, lifestyle advice and appropriate functional testing if  required.

We know your body is designed to win and we are here to help you have fun and discover how you can enhance your body’s own mechanical, chemical and structural wellbeing.

Supplement philosophy

Where possible we will always encourage our clients towards organic, wholefood, superfood and lifestyle changes. In some exceptions it is necessary to support therapeutically with nutritional medicine whilst working on these other foundational areas towards health.


Assessment is made based on practitioner discretion on the severity of illness or symptoms, the risk and benefit to the client and factual information ( i.e. functional pathology) provided.

Exceptions may include chronic illness states, those on medications, those with altered biochemical pathways or genetic susceptibilities. We only use practitioner range supplements with high quality ingredients and manufacturing standards.

Note: This is why we spend so long studying just nutritional medicine. We do not recommend self prescribing your own supplements or extreme nutritional programs. It may not be right for you.