Barb’s testimonial

“At age 57 and recently retired I was overweight (81.4 kg on a 165cm frame) and my health and fitness age was 70! If I was to enjoy a healthy retirement there was some work to do.

Working with Elise from Elise Nutrition I set some health goals and formulated a program to achieve them. Elise started with some subtle yet common sense changes to my diet – including protein in all meals, increasing leafy greens, good fats and eliminating sugar and processed foods. The addition of short courses of natural supplements saw my sluggish bowel and digestive system function better that ever, and my mental wellbeing improve dramatically. While most of these changes weren’t too hard to achieve Elise supported me all the way ensuring that I stayed on track. Integrating the dietary changes with a good gym program has seen me well on the way to attaining my goals. In twelve months I have lost 9.5 kg, taken 13cm off my waist, built and maintained muscle mass to encourage a healthier overall body composition – and decreased my biological age to 56! Elise is a kind, caring and knowledgeable professional who has certainly impacted my life in a very positive way.”

Barb Clyde
April 2014

Mary’s testimonial

“The few small lifestyle changes I have made as a result of the 8 week Inner Health Challenge, have been very manageable and I feel great as a result! Prior to the challenge I couldn’t  have imagined the impact of simply eating more (ie more protein and vegetables for breakfast and lunch), drinking more water,sleeping/ relaxing more whilst maintaining my regular exercise. Admittedly I still have room for improvement by going to sleep earlier each night but I will get there albeit slowly!

Thanks again for your recommendations and support in improving my wellness rather than targeting a specific goal weight!”


Mary completed two Health and fitness age tests during her Inner Health challenge in 2013.