Consent and policies

Consent to use of natural medicine

Nutritional Medicine is the treatment and prevention of diseases by natural means. Nutritional Medicine practitioners take into consideration my physical, mental and emotional aspects, where available. Natural medicines are generally used in order to stimulate my body’s inherent healing capacity. A number of different approaches are used such as dietary changes, nutritional supplements, herbs, homoeopathic remedies and lifestyle changes.Nutritional Medicines are generally safe, although adverse reactions may occur in rare circumstances.

I understand that for a short period of time I may experience worsening of symptoms or even new symptoms – this is called a healing crisis. Although unlikely, this is generally considered a positive sign and shows the body is making positive movement, and can signal the body is detoxifying.

I understand that Elise Nutrition practitioners will make their best judgement to minimize risk and do no harm, this includes possible adverse effects and complications associated with a proposed product recommendation. I understand that the interactions between herbs and prescribed drugs, are not yet well known, and that while unlikely could have an adverse reaction or experience a reduction or increase in the effect of other medications.

I am aware that I am required to continue taking all current medication and will not alter this unless advised by the prescribing practitioner; this includes psychological and counseling therapies.

I recognise the limitations of online consults as it cannot replace a one to one consultation with a health care professional and physical examination is not part of an online health assessment. I agree that this (online advice) may be the most practical format for me to gain professional nutritional and supplemental advice in absence of face to face consultation.

I will disclose any disease or illness I am /have been diagnosed with and make Elise Nutrition aware of the possibility of or in case of pregnancy/lactation.

Elise Nutrition and qualified practitioners hold personal information collected during the course of treatment as a confidential medical record. I consent to the release of my information to other medical and allied health practitioners in high priority cases where referral is required as a duty of care or to the benefit of myself and my well-being.

Treatment or advice provided to me by Elise Nutrition is not being provided in the place of, or to the exclusion of, any other treatment or advice that I may now be receiving or, may in the future receive, from a physician, or any other licensed health care provider.