Health and Fitness age test

At Elise Nutrition we are always looking for ways to monitor health in practical and holistic ways.

The Health and fitness age test is a measure of:

  • muscle mass
  • fat mass
  • cellular energy
  • hydration levels
  • health and fitness age (biological age)

This is completed using Bioimpedence analysis testing (BIA).  Use this system to monitor nutrition and health and monitor your fitness.

What is the benefit?

  • Monitor your training
  • Monitor your nutrition goals
  • Set a foundation for your health goals
  • Find out how old you are on the inside
  • Find out how well your cells hold their water
  • Learn how to feel more energised
  • Learn how to age well
  • Prioritise the areas you need to improve your health
  • See the results of your hard work

How does it work?

We take your height, weight, wrist and weight measurements and then get you to lay down on a massage table (clothes on) on your back for 5 minutes. We then attach 2 electrodes to your feet and 2 to your hand/wrist and run a low voltage electrical current through the body. You don’t feel a thing and it is completely non-invasive.

More information on why we use our type of Health and Fitness age test?

Using the most up to date scientifically validated data we use a single frequency bioimpedence analysis (BIA) method alongside numerous algorithms to accurately assess your arms, legs and trunk for body composition, hydration and cellular health.

Unlike other scales our BIA system uses tetra-polar or whole body impedance technique, which has been shown in research to be the most accurate. This is also why we lay the person down when conducting the test to ensure accurate fluid distribution in the supine position as done in the research for most accurate results.

Health and fitness age test example (PDF, 224KB)