How does your team measure up?

Measure your team’s health status with our individualised Health and fitness age test. Tests can be completed on site with a group explanation on results providing nutrition and lifestyle tips to improve results.

  • Individual health and fitness age tests
  • Think clearer
  • Promote high energy in your team
  • Improve performance
  • Encourage happy and healthy employees

What does the health and fitness age test measure?

  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass
  • Cellular energy
  • Hydration levels
  • Health and fitness age (biological age)

All individual tests are performed with confidentiality.

Group Health and fitness age test

Health and fitness age tests can encourage team motivation and a healthy and positive environment.

Your team may want to set health goals as a group to improve your Health and fitness age, or create a healthy competition to motivate making healthier changes.

Elise Nutrition can help you to identify suitable health goals for your team which are easy to measure and achievable to include every individual.

Elise Nutrition will also provide a team report (additional costs) on where you can improve your health, simple group and individual strategies and tips to improve the health of the whole team and lead to further profit and productivity for your business.

Individual testing packages

Includes individual testing and a personalised explanation of results.

This allows a business to continue their flow of work whilst minimising the need to allocate time for group sessions.


Allow 20-30 minutes per individual. Packs over 100 include a 15% discount. A minimum of 6 tests must be completed on any given day.

Group testing (minimum 5 persons)

Includes individual testing with group explanation of results


Larger groups will receive further % discounts.

Allow 10-15 minutes per person for individual testing and a further 30–45 minutes for a group explanation.

Group explanation;

Using the health and fitness age tests, Elise will discuss and workshop strategies with your team to improve optimal health and performance from a nutritional perspective. Elise will talk about the role of lifestyle and nutrition in relation to the various parameters tested. A fun and inviting presentation will provide practical examples and analogies on the relationship of nutrition and how the body works.


Businesses may like to use a combination of both options. This would usually begin with a group testing package and follow with individual packages to assess and measure goals over a specific time frame.


Company A wanted to improve the health and vitality of their busy office workers.

One morning, Elise nutrition set up an onsite testing area within the business and after completing individual tests went through a fun and thorough explanation of results just before lunch.

Company A decided to run an 8 week challenge to improve the hydration of their employees. Company A bought all its employees water bottles and for 8 weeks they encouraged each other to drink water at regular intervals.

After 8 weeks, Elise Nutrition came back to perform individual tests and was able to easily explain any changes which have occurred to the individual, with a graph report and comparison chart.

Elise Nutrition also provided the company with a report on the overall changes to various testing parameters made by the employees involved.

Company A are now planning another challenge in small teams to see who can lose the greatest fat % as a team.

Quality healthcare

Elise Nutrition recognises and is dedicated to the highest quality professional health care for our clients including:

  • Working with our clients to determine the most effective path to overcome health hurdles and achieve wellness.
  • A minimum Bachelor degree standard of practitioners and ongoing education.
  • Commitment to the value of research evidence in practice and evaluate all available information (including traditional evidence) to identify the most appropriate and relevant treatment options.
  • Acknowledging the limitations of our scope of practice and referring patients to more appropriate health care providers as needed and without hesitation.